Marcus Gelderie

Marcus Gelderie


Postal Address RWTH Aachen, Lehrstuhl für Informatik 7, 52056 Aachen
Office Room 4108a, Ahornstr. 55, 52074 Aachen
Phone +49 (241) 80 21713
Fax +49 (241) 80 22215
Email gelderie(at)
Office Hour By appointment

As of 03.01.2014 I am no longer employed at the Chair of Computer Science 7.
This page is no longer actively maintained. For archiving purposes is it preserved for now.

I was a member of Wolfgang Thomas' research group for "Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems" at RWTH Aachen.

I held a scholarship in the AlgoSyn Research Training Group (DFG research training group 1298).

Research Interests

My research interests include the representation, implementation and synthesis of strategies in infinite games. I am furthermore interested in the relationship between the succinctness of a representation of a strategy and the underlying game.

Other Activities

  • AlgoSyn Fall School (October 23rd - 25th in Aachen)
  • co-organizer of the Promotionscafe
    We organize talks and discussions on topics centered around life during and after grad-school.
    If you have any suggestions for a talk/discussion, please drop me a mail.



Summer Term 2011
Seminar on Automata Theory
Informatik-Praktikum für Mathematiker
Winter Term 2011/2012
Practical Webprogrammierung und das Satzsystem LaTeX
Exercises for Regular and Context-Free Languages: Advanced Results
Summer Term 2012
Informatik-Praktikum für Mathematiker
Winter Term 2012/2013
Reguläre Ausdrücke Implementieren in Java
Bachelor-Seminar über Automatentheorie
Summer Term 2013
Informatik-Praktikum für Mathematiker