Bachelor, Master, and Diploma Theses in Process

Bachelor Theses

  • Karolin Köhler
    A formal model for verification and synthesis in access control
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Florian Richter
    Regular systems with many premises
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Dirk Hauptmann
    Omega-automata for the theory of the real numbers with addition
    Betreuung: C. Loeding
  • Jera Hensel
    Bimachines and their Minimization
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Christoph Matheja
    Two-Way Transducers over Words
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Jan Rappen
    A game-theoretic approach to automata on partially ordered structures
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Jan Gossens
    Comparison of automaton models for infinite data words
    Betreuung: C. Löding

Master Theses

Currently none

Diploma Theses

  • Dominic Decarolis
    Learning algorithms for finite automata over infinite alphabets
    Betreuung: C. Loeding
  • Seong-Nam Cho
    Uniformization of Word Relations
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Benedikt Brütsch
    Synthesis of Structured Reactive Programs
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Nina Beckmann
    Pfadlogiken mit Synchronisationskonstrukten (working title)
    Betreuung: W. Thomas
  • Christian Ebert
    Vergleich verschiedener Ansätze zur Lösung von Muller-Spielen
    Betreuung: W. Thomas