Selected Talks of Prof. Thomas

Church's Problem After 50 Years
Lecture for the Workshop "LSV 10 Years", celebrating also the CNRS Bronze Medal for Patricia Bouyer and the Doctor honoris causa for Kim Larsen. Cachan, France, November 2007
Logical Refinements of Church's Problem
Contributed Paper (with A. Rabinovich), Games and CSL 2007. Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2007
Perspectives of Algorithmic Model Theory
Invited lecture, 13th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Beijing, China, August 2007
Automata Theoretic Foundations of Infinite Games
Tutorial, Colloquium "New Perspectives on Games and Interaction", Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2007
On Products and Sums: The Feferman-Vaught Approach
Workshop "Algebraic Theory of Automata and Logic", Research Network AutoMathA of the European Science Foundation (ESF). Szeged, Hungary, September 2006
The Ordering of the Natural Numbers with a Unary Predicate: Approaches to Show Decidability Results
Invited talk, Journées Montoises. Rennes, France, August 2006
Automata Theory and Infinite Transition Systems
Tutorial, EMS Summer School CANT 2006. Liège, Belgium, May 2006
Alan Turing
Vortragsvideo von der Tagung: INFORMATIK 2012, Braunschweig